Auriga Astronomy is now a 'landing page' for ALL our various business activities.

We do provide regular links to our MAIN Mobile Planetarium and Invite-a-Knight websites.

Please go there for more specific information on what we can offer, what our shows contain and how our simple pricing structure works. Below is a simple overview of what we can offer you.

We are NOT 'fly by night' we have worked with over 700 schools, libraries and museums, given over 8000 shows to over 250,000 people from infants to pensioners. Our success rating in around 98.5% (there are always a few who do not like what you do)

We do not lay down 'stipulations' on our clients, we try and operate a smoothly and in a way that does not interrupt the running of the school or event.

All we require from our clients is a 13amp (standard) socket, a coffee, and space to work. Our show times are flexible to suit YOUR needs, and our shows are ALWAYS pitched at the correct level for our audience.

We try to Invoice electronically where possible, and like prompt payment on the day. We do not ask for deposits! and to aid payment, we accept Cheques, Cash, Card payments and BACS.

Contact us TODAY to see what we can offer you!

Mobile Planetarium

The Auriga Star Dome Mobile Planetarium has been serving UK schools & Groups since 2001.
It's Easy Access flat floor entry make the Dome 100% SEND friendly.
Our work the the National school for the Deaf (staff) makes signing in the dome easy to perform.
Our Exclusive and Unique shows (over 20) Guarantee we are different from the rest.
We can assure you you class or groups will be Wowed and filled with enthusiasm!


Auriga Astronomy's Living History Shows.
We bring History to LIFE.
From the Norsemen (Vikings) To the Crusaders (Late Normans).
Our Knight brings excitement and enthusiasm to your School or Group.
We Bring REAL weapons to see, and foam weapons to use.
From £275...much less than the cost of a coach trip

What our services offer to you

Our Mobile Planetarium easily fits into most halls, 6x6m footprint and 3.5m high at it's apex, it holds approximately 35 primary, 25 secondary and 20 adult audience members (these figures are flexible).

Our shows are written by us, and therefore are unique and exclusive to us. we have a catalogue of around 20 different shows, from the Earth,Sun & Moon, to A level Astrophysics. We also have great shows on the Mayans, Egyptians, and a fantastic ecology show called Our Beautiful Earth. For full details go to our SHOWS page.

We believe our dome is the most SEND friendly of ANY Uk mobile Planetarium. It's flat floor easy access is perfect to wheelchairs and those with mobility issues, we also offer the ability for a teacher to sign to deaf students (EVEN in TOTAL Darkness!)

Auriga Astronomy Outdoor Cinema

Our Outdoor Cinema is great for events when our planetarium cannot be located, Fairs/Fetes etc

We project inside onto a big screen,and provide some basic bench seating. 

We can run looped 'walk in' or set shows from our catalogue, whatever you prefer.

ALL from £300

Auriga Astronomy Invite a Knight

Invite a Knight provides a live presentation of a fully armoured Knight from either the Norsemen\'Viking', Saxon, Norman or Crusader (late Norman) period.

The Knight will explain in an interactive and lively way what life was like in the 'period' why people behaved the way they did, what weapons were used and how armour protected warriors of the time. He will further explain the role of ladies/girls in that time, and dispel many of the myths that surround the early medieval period.

there are opportunities for the audience to handle real weaponry and armour of the time, and understand how heavy it was. there will interactivity with 'fake' safe weapons for the audience to understand how battles were fought.

a VITAL part of these shows is a question and answer session at the end (as well as questions during the show).

Once again we are extremely flexible in our timings, and our shows can be delivered to a few or a few hundred.

We can also attend outdoor fete's and parties to give our talks and be available for photo opportunities.

We Carry £10m PLI for ALL our activities, are Fully DBS Enhanced checked, and our electrical equipment is routinely PAT tested.

Dave our owner/presenter has worked as part of the International Astronomical Union's working group on Improving Astronomy communication with the Public, a regular STEM ambassador and Judge. Dave is also a is a registered 'Equity' Storyteller (for over 15 years), and regular early medieval re-enactor (his father was a Saxon/Norman historian).